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Sagar here. Thanks for stopping by. Autodevot is my automotive blog and YouTube channel. I’m more into cars with slick-shifting short-throw manual transmissions. However, when I’m struck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic, i do wish for a smooth automatic.

My all-time favorite car is Aston Martin DB5, and my favorite town is South Park. Yeah, “that” South Park.


My friend Akash who is also a huge petrolhead, assists me sometimes.

Ever since i can remember, i always enjoyed talking about anything that has wheels. Instead of just talking, i figured i should create a platform of my own.

‘Autodevot’ is a made up word, a portmanteau of Automotive devotion. A devotion towards the automotive industry. Well, the fact is, i wanted something to go with ‘Auto’ and a .com domain. As with all .com domains, the options were extremely limited, and that’s how the name was born!

Since 2015, Autodevot is a passion i love to share with the world, and over these years, I’ve developed my own style of writing. Besides writing about the happenings in the automotive world, i love to take pictures and shoot videos of the latest and hottest launches.

If you’re interested to know, here is my camera gear that i use to create content for this blog.

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